The contemplative retreat according to Franz Jalics


19.06.22 - 27.06.22    
18:30 - 9:30

From 19.-27.06.2022 in Manresa, Spain (in English language)

The contemplative retreat according to Franz Jalics is characterised by a step-by-step approach to the Jesus Prayer with a great simplicity.  In turning to the name of Jesus, imperceptibly transformation happens. The silent repetition of his name leads us to ourselves, to our own depth and opens us to the presence of God. The structure the retreat is based in several hours of silent meditation together, in continuous silence during the day, with a daily Eucharist and with Chi Kung exercises. The accompaniment takes place both in the daily exchange in the group and in a complementary personal form.

is guided by Javier Melloni SJ and Karin Seethaler

the retreat takes place after the  INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM 2022: from june 12th to june 18th 2022 “Mystagogies of the Spiritual Exercises 500 Years Afterwards in

further informations follows soon (homepage Manresa)